Abbe May has released her new single Seventeen; an intimate reflection on herformative years as a woman, hoping her experiences might serve as a comforting reference for the next generation.

Seventeen is the latest single from Abbe’s album ‘Fruit’ released today, her first full-length release since proudly and publicly coming out last year.

To celebrate the release of Seventeen and ‘Fruit’, Abbe will set out on a national tourthrough February and March with shows in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria,Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales.

Pre-orders and tickets available at abbemay.comm.


Seventeen was the first song written for the new album and it sets the theme for what is a raw and holistic reflection on the emotive songstress’ life.

“It took 30 years to be in a position to write this song. It’s intended as a letter for my niece to read when she turns 17, 21 and 28. It’s a love letter detailing all the stupid and wonderful things I’ve done in my life. If she ever doubts herself, she’ll have this song to remind her everyone struggles but that it is finding purpose, not pleasure or happiness that makes life worth living.” said Abbe.

This theme of acceptance and guidance permeates through ‘Fruit’; after years of self-exploration Abbe wants to offer her lessons as a guiding light for those like her who have felt lost.

“The album is a declaration of identity. These songs are stories from my life. Some true, some exaggerated, but always for a purpose. ‘Fruit’ is an expression of sexuality. I’ve had industry collaborators tell me to be ambiguous about this side of myself so as not to alienate fans who might be turned off me.”

“I had a drummer once tell me to not make my visuals ‘too gay’. I replaced him with a drum machine and I have at times cloaked my own identity too! I don’t want to hide anymore. I am proud and ‘Fruit’ is my way of showing my face without shame. This record is freedom for me and I hope it helps others too.”


"Boasts the kind of songwriting an artist like Prince might once have been responsible for."
Christopher H. James - The Music
"Fruit... is her most accomplished piece of art." Joshua Leeson - The Herald "Her at her best." Dan Condon - Double J "One of the important albums of 2018." Bernard Zuel