Powerful, Western Australian singer-songwriter Abbe May releases her new single Love Decline; a sultry jam about shallow, decadent seduction, on Friday 10th November.

The new track was a self-reflective moment for Abbe May using the piece to pit her cynicism against her belief in the power of love when faced with a growing awareness of limitations of romantic love.

Love Decline is about a self-centered kind of love, a decadence and a sadness which tracks the rise and fall of passionate love,” said May.

Inspiration can come from unexpected places for the Doomsday Clock songstress, Love Decline finding its origin in overheard words of wisdom.

“I wrote Love Decline after hearing an older man suggest that people don’t really fall in love after a certain age. He was talking about passionate love; the kind that requires a degree of foolish youthfulness,” said May.

The idea of losing that ability to love in a powerful, naive way is what really struck a chord in May and the result is Love Decline.

“I found his romantic cynicism confronting. I’m still young and I’m still learning but I hope that old man wasn’t right about love being a load of crap.”




Abbe May spent her late teens and early twenties in Australia’s sleaziest rock venues, busted up studios and unreliable tour vans in various solo and band incarnations. With sly humour, Abbe graduated from her critically acclaimed early explorations of rock and blues to become a guitar-slinging, beat driven performer with an atmospheric cocktail of sexy, indie riff-rock, gospel, soul and electronica.



Artist: Abby May

Single: Love Decline

Length: 3:35

Genre: Indie




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