After two years in recovery after a dangerous seizure on tour in 2013, multiple ARIA, AIR and AMP nominee and 18-time WAMi winner Abbe May, returns to life better and bolder than ever with “Are We Flirting?” the first taste from forthcoming long player “Bitchcraft”.
May says her 2013 album “Kiss My Apocalypse” was such a steep learning curve as an independent artist, taking her to the heights of being nominated for Best Female Artist at the ARIA Awards and achieving huge success with the singles “Karmageddon” and “T.R.O.U.B.L.E.”, but also plunging her into the depths of a serious health crisis.
“When I had the seizure it felt like a near death experience,” said May. “The pressure threw me into the deep end of an existential crisis. I could barely keep my head above the water and I lost all the colour in my view. I spent 2 years recovering by clearing everything out of my life that wasn’t working for me. I got rid of people, habits, attitudes and parts of my lifestyle that made me stressed or anxious or depressed.”
“At one point I wanted to die because I was in so much agony. I was lucky I had the support and will to get well again because now I feel supercharged. I’m actually so grateful the whole horror happened. I had to access my inner bitch in order to cut myself loose. That’s why the new album is called “Bitchcraft”. It would never exist if I hadn’t channeled the bitch.”
Everyone should channel the bitch. She’s so awesome. The term is so often used as a way to put women down or to call men weak. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bitch is power. She is freedom from the opinions and limitations imposed by others. That’s why she is attacked. Insecure people fear her.
“I don’t allow insecure people near me anymore and I work very hard to pinpoint and remove my own insecurities,” said May. “Insecurity fucks up my creativity. It fucks up my life. Life’s an awe-inspiring bitch and then you die. Do you hear what I am saying? I’m saying we don’t have enough time to waste on insecurity. It’s time to channel the bitch. She is where it’s at.”
“Are We Flirting?” is a sexy little whisper in your ear before Abbe May really gives ‘it’ to you. Flirting is the promise of something more. It’s up to her whether or not she delivers that. Luckily she’s never been better or more willing to let you in.
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